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Cheek Treatments

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center’s Cheek Treatments are non-invasive procedures that help give your face an instant lift, enhancing facial beauty and youthfulness with no downtime.

Medspa Treatments for Cheeks

When looking your best, the Beverly Hills cheek treatment is a top choice for those wanting to rejuvenate their appearance. This unique combination of vitamins and minerals helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, creating smoothness and reducing wrinkles. Not only can you expect to look younger, but you feel better too. With additional ingredients designed to provide nourishment and hydration, you’ll look and feel refreshed. Unveil radiant skin through this revolutionary beauty treatment and discover why it’s one of the most popular procedures!

The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center provides comprehensive treatment tailored to your needs and facial structure. Their experts specialize in reversing the signs of premature aging and diminishing common cheek area health concerns by using a variety of treatments.

  • Juvederm Voluma XC – This treatment takes your cheeks to a new level, delivering maximum results with its dense yet pliable formula. Contour the area and add visible volume under the surface – shaping might be easier!
  • Restylane Contour -Restylane Contour is a revolutionary dermal filler that helps bring back the volume your face may have lost. By injecting it directly under the skin, you can regain fullness in your cheeks and midface for a dramatically youthful appearance!
  • Radiesse – Give your cheeks a natural-looking boost with Radiesse, an injectable treatment that works to add volume instantly. Its unique combination of calcium hydroxyapatite and customizable contouring allows you to achieve sculpted perfection by molding it just as you desire.
  • Sculptra – These treatments target wrinkles, lines, and furrows to give you a more youthful look that will last for years. Achieve flawless beauty around the mouth, eyes, cheeks, and neck – all areas where aging can take its toll. Now is the time to get younger-looking skin today.

These all act to mildly repair wrinkles and folds, visually diminish thinning skin, and revitalize the cheek area with long-term effects. Furthermore, after proper diagnosis, the specific procedure chosen will be tailored to match your lifestyle goals while giving you natural-looking results.

More About Cheek Treatments

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center is ideal for those needing extra TLC on their cheeks. Our expert team of clinicians provides customized treatments tailored to your unique needs and goals, including lifting, lifting and plumping, hydrating injections, and more. With our state-of-the-art technology and experienced staff, you can rest assured that we will provide top-notch treatments to give you the confidence boost you’ve been looking for. Schedule an appointment today with Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center and be on your way to having stunningly fresh cheeks!

Cheek Treatment FAQs

To ensure the best results and healing after an injection, take special care to avoid itchy fingers or hot temperatures at the treatment site. Also, abstain from drinking alcohol on injection day – you’ll want your body as relaxed and stress-free as possible to aid recovery! And when feeling up for a workout again, ensure any swelling has subsided before exercising.

Dermal fillers can give you a beautiful, youthful look – but don’t expect instant results! Give your body time to adjust; it may take up to two weeks for the filler treatments to settle and fully integrate into your facial tissues.

Injections can lead to long-lasting changes in your skin – but don’t expect instant gratification! The injection stimulates a process that secretes collagen and elastin, which takes weeks before you notice the full effect. Only after this time has passed that your body experiences a genuine transformation as it produces more healthy cells than ever.

Cheek fillers are the perfect alternative to facelifts for those seeking a subtle yet impactful transformation. They provide alluring volume and lift that gives your face an impressive, youthful glow–boosting confidence without going under the knife!

While Botox and fillers offer quick, noticeable results that can transform the treatment area for months or even years, it’s important to remember these effects are not permanent. Eventually, you may see a return to your original condition – another treatment could be beneficial.

Dermal fillers can help restore a youthful look, smoothing out wrinkles and creases. With some lasting up to two years while others requiring repeat treatments every 4-6 months for optimal results, they offer an effective way to stay looking your best!

Juvederm treatments can give the face a refreshed, symmetrical appearance – however, this may take some time! Immediate post-treatment signs such as swelling and bruising are to be expected. You should wait 2-4 weeks before assessing your final results with an Injector for optimal outcome.

Your provider is an expert in using a thin needle to inject small amounts of filler beneath your skin. To help enhance and contour your facial features, they may choose several areas where injections are necessary on your cheek. You might experience minor discomfort from the pinch or sting during this procedure, but it typically isn’t painful. The entire process usually only takes 15-30 minutes!

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